Moving to Canada

Almost 3 years ago I haven’t written anything here! I am alive and I exist!

A few months ago I received an email from a Spanish company with an invitation to be part of a selection process to work as a developer. I never thought about the idea to move to another country for work, much less in Spain. After that experience, a few months later I received a LinkedIn messenge form a german IT recruiter for a job in Germany. That made me think I could work and move to another country.

Well, there was anything to stop me from doing it, so I started to think about it… but I guess for reasons of time and work I just abandoned the idea. Until a good day, I received an email from an Argentine recruiter living in Auckland and he had an interesting offer to work as a Sofware Develper in New Zeland. I remember that moment was like a sign that I should pay more attention about work in another country. At the same time my wife and I started to think about start a family.

If you are a Developer and think about your family, security and future, Latin America is not a good option at the moment, trust me. The question is, where could be an acceptable option? After research and try to understand what we want for our family and what is important for my career, we found Canada sounds like the best option for us.

I mean it is not just about the country, the culture, the safe place, etc. It’s about my career as well. I will spent most of my time with my colleagues, my teammates working for a product or service that I need to trust, in a company with nice values and culture aligned to my expectations, I should like this and stay motivated. So, I spent some time time thinking and discussing with my wife about our future, the objectives in my career, my next steps as a Software Developer, you know it is a really great and important change for our lifes and for my career.

The question are: Are there opportunities as a Developer in Canada? How to move to Canada if you are a Developer? What I need to move to Canada as a Developer? and there are a lot of other questions that I had around this. I sent five or six resumes to a different companies via LinkedIn without success. Fortunately I found VanHack a great company that makes a great job bringing Canadian (and European) companies closer to qualified candidates trough a modern platform and system. Try it, it’s free! it will save you a lot of time and resources trying to answer the questions I mentioned if you are thinking about work in Canada. If you spend time and effort you will get your job in Canada more easier and in less time.

Thanks to VanHack and the effort dedicated to make a plan and a hard preparation now I’m working for Pressbook an amazing Canadian company, remotely at first but ready to move to Montreal for work when visa is ready with increible teammates highly qualified and motivated creating and developing a super interesating open source product that allow hosts and mantain book production networks for academic institutions, presses and consortia. Once more time I feel I’m working for real and interesting purposes, and on the other hand with the incredible opportunity for me and my family to move to Canada soon!

Thanks Pressbooks, VanHack and God for this opportunity of a new life for me and my family.

Do you think you’ve heard tehcnically complex music? I believed that yes, I mean there are incredible genius… but let me show you something: