Leading a team

There are many ways for lead a development team. Some of them require a work of long term, and other are more practical. The long term is not viable, because the members of a team in this sector is changing constantly.

I know three ways for lead a team that is succesfull if we combine them:

Leader with direct orders
table-militar-startupThis dictatorial way can be used when a project is in crisis, about to fall. In this case the team need a decisive leader and with personality. Also is helpful when must be a make radical changes. Sometimes the members resist to radical changes, or to new labor policies.

If you have member without compromise or enthusiasm you would up the team with this way. But this not good to long term, because some people can be desmotivated.

The coach leader

coaching-leaderThe coach leader is a technical referent that cooperates with all the team. He take desicions together with all members. Using this method, you should share the knowledge and generate feedback constantly . Each step is explained and discussed with the workteam, empathy and enthusiasm and promoting the personal growth.

The risk of this is the聽low productivity because the under聽control.


The director

director-leaderWorking of this mode聽the leader shows the way, directs the activities and monitors all process but doesn’t participating directly. Supports all their trust in your team. This is useful in teams with high degree of motivation and compromise. In short: direct and delegate.

The great disadvantage of this is that team feel that their leader is not actively part of the team and no commitment as equals.

You must combine this ways, depending of the circumstances. Anyway, be honest, listen of your team, delegate and respect regardless of the technique used, is the most important… for me 馃檪

Ricardo Arag贸n

Ricardo Arag贸n

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