Before starting a new application for Start Up projects

Many times is thought that when starting a new start up project, we must be quick in gather the requirements, quick in development process, quick in test process… etc. We must devote specially attention and time to the requirement process. This step is the more important, and this step is decisive for the success or failure of the project.

I thought some fast tips for starting a new start up project:

  • Gather information about the customer company:
    • Objectives, services, products. Is a USP? (Unique Selling Proposition).
    • Competitors.
    • Define the targeted audience for the new application (age, social sector, etc).
  • Access to the application (devices, resolutions, etc)
  • What likes/dislikes of the other applications.
  • Define the limit for the plan project: final date, resources

checking list start up

This few points seem fast, but it is a round trip with the customer of many meetings before starting the new project. In each meeting the customer will define new features and flows, and the original idea will mutate.
Mutate a started application can be very difficult, or not viable, for that reason define this points before of start is the best way of avoid the failure.

Define first… take five聽馃檪

Ricardo Arag贸n

Ricardo Arag贸n

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